Portfolio Preview – Glastonbury Festival (Shangri La)

Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Arts
Shangri La Arena
Worthy Farm, Pilton, United Kingdom
2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2019

“this crew is constantly raising the bar with their energy, expertise and experience in every area of festival site and production management. “
Robin Collings
Producer – Shangri La, Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Art

Each year, the Eventiv team return to Worthy Farm in Somerset (South West England) to run the Site Management and Logistics for the Shangri La Arena.

The Concept
Shangri-La is created by the UKs foremost specialists in creative event production and live experience design. Shangri La is a wholly immersive interactive film set world on a vast scale.
Shangri-La this year featured two outdoor stage arena spaces, over 18 venues, 5 bars and a wholly immersive art frontage throughout a green field, with a capacity of over 25,000.
2019’s theme was “Political Party Heaven and Hell”.

The area features a Heaven arena and Hell arena. Heaven features electronic music throughout the day, until the Hell arena kicks in with some of the best live music running thru until 5am. The hell arena features flame throwers, aerial performers, interactive “take overs” and some seriously amazing decor.

Build & Break
Shangri La takes just over 3 weeks to build with a core site team of 12, carpentry team of 60 and a wider crew of nearly 200 people.

The video below gives you an idea of the mammoth task that it is to build a unique and amazingly beautiful arena. You can read more about Shangri La at www.shangrilaglastonbury.co.uk

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Glastonbury Festival – Shangri La Site Management

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